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India aims to get 6 to 7 million Hybrid Electric Vehicles (EVs) on the road by the year 2021 and to go 100% electric by 2030. By targeting this our pollution graph comes down to below 80%.

2022-23 will be a golden period for the global EV industry

Along with the ever-growing number of electric vehicles on the market and pressure from governments to reduce vehicle emissions to zero by 2050, there is a strong need for more efficient charging solutions.

As various consumer studies show, the acceptance of electromobility very much depends on the availability and duration of the charging process; high-power DC charging stations are the answer to these market requirements.

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A charging station is a station like a petrol pump, set up to charge electric vehicles. It's Affordable and time-saving – simple!

First and foremost, the Government of India has made it clear that setting up EV charging stations in India is a completely unlicensed process across the country (meaning any individual is free to install EV charging), provided that the station meets the standards of the Ministry of Power of India.

One of the major hurdles of mass EV adoption is range anxiety. The doubt looms over a passenger who wishes to go to a distant place. Without a good network of chargers, a long-distance traveler will always doubt the consequences of running out of battery energy.And not just long-distance travelers, this may be the case for an urban traveler as well. What would she do if the vehicle runs out of energy before reaching her office? These questions are one of the hindrances to mass EV adoption.

To solve this, we might think of using very large batteries. However, this may not be possible to some extent. We may be constrained by weight, cost, and space in the vehicle. The next possible solution would be to convince the customer that there are enough charging stations that they can use if they run out of energy anywhere. To do this, one will have to set up a network of chargers spread throughout the country. Another reason to set up such stations in public is that not all urbanites have enough ports and space to charge all their vehicles overnight. Hence will require charging stations in public.


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