Solar Car parking Solution

Turn Your Car Park into a Primary Energy Source

Just like conventional covered car parks, Solar Car Parks can provide your customer’s and/or staff member’s cars with additional shelter and protection from the elements. Unlike normal car parks, however, Solar Car Parks generate power, and provide your business with a sure-fire way to save on electricity bills.

Save on Your Electricity Bill

Solar energy is officially the most affordable and cleanest form of all renewable energy available in Australia. By investing in a Solar Car Park, your new structure will generate free, clean electricity, which will be discreetly cabled into your building. The average solar panel measures around 1.6m x 1m, while the average car space measures around 2.7 x 5m, each car spot can potentially have around 3kW worth of solar panels. This equates to 4.8MWh worth of electricity per year, generating anywhere from $720 to over $1,000 in savings, per car bay.

As the number of car bays go up, so quickly do your savings. This is why Solar Car Parks can pay for themselves in just two to three years. After your Solar Car Park has paid for itself, it can help completely offset your business’s daytime electricity bill.

How it Works

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